Why Organic Skincare is Better

How Grund Can Boost Your Organic Skincare Routine

And What do Towels Have to do With it? 

As consumers have begun to be more aware of what fuels their bodies, organic food has taken off in popularity. And while organic food is great for you and our planet for numerous reasons, organic doesn’t just stop at what directly goes inside of our bodies. That’s why companies like us are trying to ensure that finding organic products are no longer just for supermarkets and health gurus that seek it out. 

How Does This Relate to Skincare?  

After all, what goes in your body is arguably just as important as what is used outside of it. Since the skin is the largest organ in our bodies, it acts as a sponge. In fact, it absorbs about 60% of everything that we apply on it and that includes trace amounts of synthetic dyes and other chemicals used within the towel production process. So ultimately, the products you use on the outside make their way inside.

To make matters worse, our skin is especially sensitive after we wash up. Steamy showers, baths and warm water on our faces open up our skin’s pores and expose them to greater amounts of toxins. Ultimately, our skin becomes vulnerable to whatever we may come across in our bathrooms. This is why at Grund, we emphasize the importance of using products you can trust when it comes to the safety of your skin and overall health. Even if you’re not using our products, go organic, your skin will thank you.

If you don’t use organic, the chemical residues in other products have the potential to affect people of all ages. Some immediate effects people may experience when using products that contain chemicals are:

Allergic reactions
And much more

Meanwhile, Grund’s organic cotton towels only use organic cotton and natural dyes. There are no synthetics and no harmful chemicals during the growing and or overall production process. This ensures that you don’t accidentally absorb trace amounts of synthetic chemicals that may irritate your skin or worse, open yourself up to a handful of long term side effects. 

Synthetic Dyes and Their Side Effects:
What makes them so bad for our skin and overall health?

The genotoxicity of textile dyes is its greatest long-term hazard to human health.

But what is genotoxicity? Genotoxicity is when a chemical or agent causes DNA or chromosomal damage.

Now, we can really go into the specifics of how synthetic dyes affect your body’s structure. However, long story short is that these dyes lead to all sorts of cancers. Many are also potential carcinogens.

Trace amounts of the chemical compounds that make up synthetic dyes attach themselves to your body’s DNA, chromosomes and various cell structures. The effects of this attachment manifests itself over time and creates build-ups in your body which, as you may imagine, can disrupt all sorts of natural processes within your body. 

The Aftereffects of Chemical Dyes

Now, think about what this also does to the workers that work directly with those synthetic dyes. While you may be exposed to trace amounts while drying off your freshly washed face, they are exposed to them everyday in much larger quantities. And they’re likely doing this in countries with fewer worker safety regulations and the proper dye disposal.

In fact, a lot of those dyes are improperly disposed of in bodies of water after being used within the textile industry. This creates a vicious cycle starting with the things we consume like fish, organic or not, absorbing these chemicals secondhand through the water. Then, we consume these same fish. And finally, those chemicals are now not only in our towels, but are also in our bodies through the consumption of food that was indirectly exposed to the very same chemicals used in the textile industry. 

What Makes Grund Special? 

With no synthetic dyes, no harmful chemicals and all organic products, Grund is set apart from other companies. We hold ourselves to a standard that most companies don’t and we sincerely hope that as consumers, you take part in our vision with us. And what is Grund’s mission you may ask? To live clean, preserve the earth’s pristine environment and keep forests, coral and animals from fading away.