Rugs have the power to transform whatever room they are in. They can turn a drab and dull bathroom into a bright and inviting oasis. However, it’s not enough to just look good.  The perfect rug should be sized to fit your bathroom, made of durable material and fit in with your bathroom decor. Keeping this in mind, we've compiled tips for you to use when looking for your perfect bath mat!   


The first place you will want to start is with sizing. Grab a measuring tape and determine the length and width of your desired rug space. Rugs typically look best when they are placed in the middle of the bathroom or when they are directly in front of a bath or shower. Keep in mind your ability to step from the shower or bath directly to the rug. Using these measurements, you will be able to determine what rug shape will fit best in your bathroom. Rug shape all depends on your personal preference, with the most common rug shapes being rectangle and oval. 


Once you have determined your desired rug size and shape, next you’ll want to consider rug material. This is one of the most important factors to consider. After all, you’ll most likely be stepping on it everyday. It is important to get a rug that is absorbent as well as comfortable. The rug should not only feel snug under your feet, but also be able to do its job by absorbing the water that falls onto it. Rugs made of organic cotton are extremely soft and tend to dry quicker than other materials.

Durability and upkeep are important factors to keep in mind when browsing bath mats. These qualities will ensure that you are getting the most out of your rug. Is the rug machine washable? If not, maintenance could prove to be an unnecessary hassle. The material under your rug is just as important as the material on top. Reversible bath mats are increasing in popularity as they allow you to get twice the use out of your mat between washes. If you like extra grip under your rugs to keep them in place, consider getting a rug with a non-slip bottom. 


Now onto the fun part! Do you want your rug to make a bold statement or blend in with your decor? Neutral colored rugs tie your bathroom decor together seamlessly. Ivory rugs or white rugs may seem simple, but they can add an element of brightness and sleekness that can change the entire feel of your bathroom. Keep in mind the colors of your shower curtain, wall decor and vanity color. If you prefer only a hint of color, try a light blue rug or a light green rug. These are popular options for bathrooms as they convey feelings of nature, like the ocean or a rainforest. Have fun when picking out rug colors, they are an excellent way to show off your personality! 


Now that you have determined what your perfect rug will look like, you are ready to start browsing! Grund rugs are the perfect addition to any room in your home. With a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, you are sure to find the rug you are looking for. All Grund rugs are made from 100% raw organic cotton so you can know that you are getting an eco-friendly, luxury rug that was made without harmful synthetic dyes. Grund offers reversible rugs in addition to rugs with superior non-slip grip technology. All Grund rugs are completely machine washable and only get softer with each wash. Experience organic luxury when you step on the plush cloud of a Grund rug every day!