Our Story

GRUND was born with a true and sincere desire to change the world. To live clean and preserve the earth’s pristine environment.

It began with a mission to raise awareness. To educate and be bountiful with our daily comforts because we truly believe the time is now and the vehicle for everyone.  We envision a healthier world.  One that has choices.  One where its people are in control of what and how they live.

Live GRUND was launched fourteen years ago to create an intimacy with today’s consumer that was not yet obtained through traditional manufacturers. Our headquarters, in the beautiful Carolinas, was chosen due to its proximity to all things peaceful and pure. The beautiful mountains, pristine beaches and the heritage from small towns who have all gone on to inspire many of our collections served as the catalyst for a new kind of company.  One that provides luxurious organic living while ensuring that conscious consumption is available to all. Live GRUND inspires our team to think beyond the boundaries and truly bring the best to everyone we touch.

Celebrating over 25 years and 25 million rugs sold

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