The Color of White

The Color of White

The Color of White

Within design, the color white allows you to bring in more light, and a sense of cleanliness into your home. It can open up your space, simplify a cramped room, and overall enlighten the ambiance. White, although simple, signifies serenity and safety- which is a feeling anyone should strive for their home to possess. Who would not want to feel happy and calm in their own home? 

Because colors have a huge psychological and emotional impact on us naturally, we tend to adhere to particular color combinations that are pleasant to the eye and mind. There is a reason why most hotels, magazines, TV shows, and movies utilize white bedding often. It is a sign of luxury and comfort, and aesthetically, it looks “soft to the eye.” So, when you stick to white bedding, rugs, and towels you use and love in your everyday life, it is a simple yet positive lifestyle choice. 

However, if you are one for a pop of color, here and there, using white bedding is perfect for you! Add colorful accent pillows or throw blankets, instead of purchasing bright sheets, duvet covers, or pillowcases. Not only is this a stylish look for your bedroom, but it also allows the space to still remain bright and serene. Or, if you have a colorful bathroom, but do not wish to overwhelm the space, white bath rugs and towels are a great fit. But sticking to an all-white design is also a beautiful way to decorate your house. 

Where can I purchase high-quality white products for my home? I would love to freshen up my home with some!

Here at Grund, we offer all-organic products in white that will brighten up your bathrooms and bedrooms and your overall living space. Our white bedding options offer affordable luxury that will only enhance your bedroom’s atmosphere and light. Keeping things simple with our white bedding allows you to set the tone for your room, and you can keep that tone extra cozy by building a bed with layers of white pieces in different textures. Our plush bath rugs are lavish, and our towels are soft and absorbent. In white, they look even more luxurious than they already feel. 

It is also important to take care of your white bedding, towels, and bath rugs. We recommend that, in order to avoid discoloration, use a formulated detergent that is made especially for white fabrics. Also, washing your sheets regularly helps keep the products looking fresh longer. It is not a huge task to keep them looking new and clean, and the look of it all is so worth the small hassle it takes!

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