Fall Is (Almost) In The Air!

Fall Is (Almost) In The Air!

As the summer season comes to a close, we kindly welcome cooler weather as our hemisphere switches to the fall season. Like the start of every new chapter, no matter how big or small, our everyday lifestyle shifts a little. Here at Grund, we enjoy the change of season, because it gives us the well-deserved chance to freshen up our homes with new products.

The biggest aspect of what you see in seasonal bedroom decor is color. The most associated colors of Fall bring in an Earthy, darker, and muted feel. However, you do not have to decorate with the traditional green, orange, and red tones. If you are willing to switch it up and try a less-traditional take on this, try greys and whites, with some pops of color in accent pillows. For instance, our Embroidered Sheet in our Organic Prague Collection makes for a comfy, high-quality look, especially after a few throw pillows in your favorite fall colors. However, if you want a few darker tones in other places of your house, try our Bath Towels and Bath Rugs in darker colors in your bathroom. Our Organic Asheville Rug in the color Asheville Slate Gray has a rich, plush color to elevate your bathroom’s space. For towels, we recommend our Organic Prague Towels in the pattern Starburst Navy Peony. 

When changing your bedroom along with the change of season, you don’t have to go overboard. There are many ways you can convert your home to bring in that comfortable Autumn feel. Changing up your sheets is a small but effective way to do so, especially if you are looking for more warmth when sleeping. We recommend our Organic Savannah Grund Sheets in cooler weather because they have an extra soft 300 thread count. 

A large part of the season changing is the weather. As the weather does decide to cool down from the summer heat, layering your sheets is one of the best ways to keep warm and cozy. The quality of our Organic Grund Sheets will keep you warmer than most sheets. With our Organic Prague Collection Sheets, you can style your bed by combining our Patterned and Embroidered Sheets together, and adding our Organic Throw Blanket for extra warmth. 



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