The Benefits of Grund’s Organic Bedding

The Benefits of Grund’s Organic Bedding


Over the last few years, organic products have become very popular. From food to clothing and even bedding, people are interested in learning more about what they are buying for themselves and their homes. One of the largest benefits of organic materials is the fact that it is nontoxic and pesticide free, plus it is soft. Don’t believe us? Visit our collection of organic bedding.

People care about the practices in which their products are made as well as the materials they are made from. While some companies see this as bad news, we see it as an awesome opportunity to assist our customers in new ways. Just like you, we value what you put in and your body. How you feel about eating food that you know is beneficial for your body, is how we feel about the bedding you lay on every night. The materials that are used to make your bedding, matter.

Organic bedding offers more than a soft feel. Read more below to learn about the benefits of organic bedding or visit here to order yours.


Pesticide Free and Sustainable:

It seems like everything comes with a side of pesticides. While pesticides are meant to target specific pests in the garden, they aren’t the best for you or your skin. In fact, many pesticides are linked to several health conditions. The good news is when you buy organic bedding, you are saying no to pesticides. Organic farming ensures the materials are grown and harvested without anything that can be deemed harmful to the consumer. Organically grown cotton is better for you, your community and the environment.

Another benefit of organic bedding is its sustainability. The organic production process uses natural fertilizers which helps replenish and maintain soil. This type of practice also keeps pesticides and toxic fertilizers at bay. This means that materials grown organically use fewer natural resources, keeps soil healthy, and protects you from unnecessary chemicals.

We recently wrote a blog post about why you should choose products made using organic cotton farming here. Check it out.


Durable and Low Maintenance:

When considering which type of bedding to buy, durability and maintenance are definitely important factors. The benefit to purchasing organic bedding is their long-standing materials, even against daily wear and tears. This type of bedding is also very easy to clean and dry as it can simply go into a washing machine and dryer. Not only is it better for your body, but organic bedding won’t cause any extra trips to the store or cleaners.



Another important benefit of organic bedding is you don’t have to worry about toxins. Many wrinkle free sheets and comforters are made using formaldehyde. Laying on formaldehyde is dangerous because it can cause health issues like skin irritation, respiratory problems and has even been linked to long term issues like cancer.

We explain the benefits of nontoxic sheets on our blog recently. Read it here.

Bedding made from organic materials benefit you as a consumer as well as the environment. Take care of you and shop Grund’s organic bedding today. You’ll be very glad you did.

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