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September 13, 2019 2 min read


If you knew that the sheets you were laying on were made of toxic materials, would you keep them? Of course, not. Since you spend 1/3 of your life in bed, it would be unreasonable to spend all that time on sheets that are toxic for your body. We value what you put in and on your body. That is why we are proud to offer sheets and other products made from non-toxic, organic materials. Shop our line of sheets made from 100% Organic Cotton.  


Toxic or Nontoxic: What’s in your bed?   

Unfortunately, chemicals are everywhere. They are sometimes in our food, in our clothes, and even in our beds.  

Depending on what type of sheets you have, every night you lay down you are negatively affecting your body. To help detox your bedroom, we suggest staying away from sheets that are labeled “wrinkle-free” or “easy to care.” These types of sheets include formaldehyde to ensure that they stay crisp and clean.  The issue with formaldehyde is that it can cause health issues like skin irritation and respiratory problems and has been linked to long term issues like cancer, according to the National Toxicology Program

Sleeping on formaldehyde is extremely gross to think about. The good thing is a lot can be done to make sure the harmful chemicals stay away from your body. One way is to buy organic products. Like organic food, bedding products like sheets that are nontoxic can cost a little bit extra. But is there really a price on your health?  


How Can You Avoid Toxins In Your Sheets? 

By buying organic cotton sheets, you are choosing to sleep easy. However, just because a company says they offer nontoxic sheets or other bedding products, does not mean you are completely in the clear. Be sure to pay close attention to the transparency of the company. Where are they getting their cotton? How is it processed, how much of the cotton is truly organic? These are all important questions to ask before making your purchase. 

Ensure that you are purchasing nontoxic sheets by purchasing sheets that are manufactured to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). The GOTS ensures that companies are being environmentally and socially responsible in the manufacturing of their products. This standard of manufacturing looks at textiles throughout their entire process. From the time the raw materials are harvested to the time they are in the hands of the consumer, GOTS considers every practices and process to decide if the textile is sustainable and organic. 

Nontoxic sheets are well worth the price. Instead of subjecting your body to unhealthy toxins for 1/3 of your life, you can rest with the confidence that your skin and body are in a good place. 

We at Grund believe that you should be able to rest easy and toxic-free. We also believe that you should feel the organic difference in your bedding products. Products made from organic cotton feel different because they are different. Don’t you deserve sheets that aren’t toxic? We think so.  

If you are ready to learn more about our organic farming processes and sheets made from 100% organic cotton, visit here.   

Jiri Grund
Jiri Grund

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