Our Story

The Grund family and company mission centers on spreading the joy and excitement of their products to people around the world.


Grund in the Beginning

The Grund Story began in 1990, just after the fall of communism. Mr. and Mrs. Grund wondered how to change their lives for the better given their newly acquired freedom. Like many entrepreneurs, the Grunds had their hearts set on starting their own business and being their own boss. This dream started to come true, when one day Mrs. Grund read a magazine article stating that the market in Czechoslovakia at that time desperately lacked bathroom rugs.

Mr. Grund seized the idea immediately, and as a textile engineer, he didn’t hesitate to start looking for opportunities to produce these kinds of products. He found an old discarded machine for sewing yarn remnants from carpet production. He borrowed this non-functioning machine, originally intended for scrapping, repaired it and put it into operation during long winter evenings in a vacant grandma’s bedroom. All the members of the family participated in production. The garden served as their method for drying mats and yarn was stocked in the garage. Then, the whole family set off to sell their first pieces in the marketplace in Prague. They sold as many as 13 of them and the revenue covered the costs of the travel. Afterward, the family decided to continue their new business venture and the Grund Company began.


Grund Comes to America

In 2014, the company created Grund America, bringing high quality bathroom rugs to the states. Since then, Grund America devoted itself to providing customers with 100% organic cotton rugs that are soft, durable and environmentally-friendly. The US division of the company strives to give customers clean, natural options for their bathroom textiles. The cotton used in Grund’s bathroom rugs and towels are sourced from India and Turkey with certified organic and sustainable. The material is reusable and no chemicals are allowed in the synthetic pigment used to dye the material. Grund America’s mission is to be the number one source of organic bathroom rugs and towels that pay homage to our environment and enhance the lives of customers.


Grund Today

To this day, the company still remains in the hands of the Grunds and the family members take active part in managing the company. Grund now operates in a reconstructed factory with its own spinning plant that has been manufacturing yarn since 1997. As the entire production process, from yarn to final product, is implemented in one place, we are able to control the quality of our final products much better than when yarn was imported from an external supplier. Grund products are now recognized as a leading brand across Asia and Europe. Since inception, the company has strived to be the industry leader in bathroom textile innovation since it was founded. Now, the Grund® difference is known for its use of high-quality material and the innovative and patented manufacturing process used in production. With over 30 million rugs sold globally over the years, Grund has millions of satisfied customers.