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Marianne Zarzana
Super-Soft & Safe

This super-soft organic cotton non-slip bath rug is just what I needed. I got the smaller white rug, and it's perfect for my bathroom. Looks great, and I know it will be safe. Thank you!

Jennie Gibson
Quality that lasts

I am writing a new review to say that we purchased several rugs probably 8 years ago for our bathrooms..4 long white ones, 2 brown ones and a double sided white mat. They are holding up very well. We just have 2 adults in the house most of the time so maybe don't wash them quite as often as some families would. I usually dry them outside on my porch. The rubber has started to wear some after all this time but they are still stable
They are still fluffy and nice and the white still comes white. I get lots of compliments on them. I will definitely buy more when they are needed.

Long-time customer
Colors fade with every wash

The colors of these rugs fade with each wash. I have made sure to use cold water and tablets that neutralize the chlorine in the water, but that does not work. I only buy them because they're so soft.

Linda Longley
Taupe Color

I really like the quality of the 5 rugs I purchased, but when I received the rugs the taupe color I expected turned out to be more of a chocolate brown. As I wash the rugs each week, they are getting lighter, but am still very disappointed, and will replace them when I can afford it.

Look good, feel good, and do not slip

I bought the Asheville non-slip rugs in driftwood two months ago, and LOVE them. I've looked long and hard for cotton bath mats that feel good, look good, and are non-slip. The non-slip feature is often only available on 100% polyester rugs, which feel awful on the feet in my opinion. I did find a cotton set at L.L. Bean, but did not like the styling. My husband and I are thrilled with our Grund mats. They are beautifully plush and soft on bare feet, and absolutely do not move. I've washed them once, and they washed up beautifully. I kind of wish the 24X60 rug was wider and a little shorter, and wouldn't mind a few more color options, but these are the best bath rugs we've had in years, hands down!

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Nachhaltigkeit beginnt mit Langlebigkeit – ein Versprechen, das wir ernst nehmen. Bei allem, was wir berühren, von den Baumwollfarmen bis zu den Nähmaschinen, steht Qualität für uns an erster Stelle. Als Familienbetrieb mit mehr als 30 Jahren nachhaltiger Geschäftstätigkeit ist es unser Versprechen, unseren Nachkommen eine gesunde Umwelt zu hinterlassen.

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