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August 15, 2019 2 min read


We’ve all done it before, purchase sheets with a high thread count because we believe it is better for our beds and bodies.

Unfortunately, that is a common mistake among shoppers. Instead of focusing on what the sheets are made of, we pay more attention to the thread count. It makes sense though. In the past, the emphasis has been put on thread count. So, we think the higher the number, the more luxurious the product.

Well, that’s not always true. Does anyone know what their sheets are made of or how its thread count is determined? The truth is, many companies use low-grade cotton which becomes thin when spun. This allows them to cram more threads into a smaller space. They can also create a "multi-ply" thread by twisting two threads together before weaving. Since they've fit two threads in the place of one, they can claim double the thread count. In some cases, they can twist four threads into a single "multi-ply" thread, quadrupling the thread count without making the sheets any softer or stronger.

We’re not saying that you should ignore the thread count completely. What we are saying is there are other things to consider along with the thread count. If we’re being honest, above a high thread count, the softness of your sheets is what matters most. For most people, the goal is to invest in sheets that are soft and non-toxic. We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so the sheets you lay on every night have a bigger impact on your body than you may realize. The sheets you decide to lay on every night should make you feel great.

Next time you are on the market for sheets, look at what they are made of in addition to the thread count.

All our sheets are made of 100% GOTS certified organic cotton! This means throughout the whole production process; no chemicals touch our products. From the field to your home, our sheets are safe and soft. So, because we use higher quality cotton that is 100% organic, our 300 count sheets are softer than the higher count sheets made of conventional cotton!

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Jiri Grund
Jiri Grund

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