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There couldn't be a better time than now to focus on the small things that we can do everyday to enhance our well being.  Living Clean isn't just about what you eat, or the products you use.  Living clean is also about our space, our mind and our relationships.  

Create Clean Spaces

It's been shown that organized spaces are backed by psychology.  Whether you prefer minimal chic or cozy luxe, we have you covered at GRUND.  For example, our versatile Puro Collectionof rugs, are used for more than just in the bathroom, but also in the kitchen, and by our doorways.  We especially love the runners (24x60) in front of our kitchen sink or the kitchen island.  And with many color options, you can select what makes you happiest.

In addition, as we change our clothes for the seasons...why not change your bedsheets?  From Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer there are now two different styles to choose from.  We especially like the new Prague Collection as it feels so cool against the skin and super soft.  Perfect for Summer nights ahead! 


Remember, Your Body is a Temple

What is in your products, even the products you wear, makes a huge difference. So, why Organic Cotton? 

Did you know that cotton crops cover only 2% of the world's cultivated land but use 6% of the world's pesticides?  That's more than any other single crop. 
Buying only 100% Certified Organic Cotton ensures you are free of pesticides (and so are our farmers).

Organic cotton is grown from organic cotton seeds. Cottonseed oil is used to make cookies, chips and is fed to livestock. So while cotton fiber isn't something we put IN our bodies, the by-product (and pesticides) can make its way into our diets.

Everything GRUND is GOTSCertified (Global Organic Textile Standard).  This means that they trace not only the organic cotton in your clothes but they ensure that it is processed socially and sustainably. 

Maintain Healthy Relationships

Cutting toxic people from your life allows feelings of self worth and value to grow inside of ourselves.  In fact, it is on of the most powerful abilities we have. Whether you inventory who you are "friends" with on Social Media or just simply limit your availability to those that drain you, you are in control of your own happiness.  With most of us staying at home these days, take some time out to nurture relationships with the ones who do matter most. And don't forget to snuggle up with one of our throws.  PURE BLISS! 

Clear Your Mind

Lastly, how can you clean your mind? De-clutter it in a sense? 
We're practicing meditation, journaling and focusing on gratitude. Self-Care is a big buzzword lately and we feel the best way to care for yourself is a nice warm bath or a luxurious facial...and what better accompaniment but a beautiful towel from GRUND. Wrap your body in one of our bath sheets or envelop your face in a warm steamy face towel. 


At GRUND, we are committed to helping you life your best life by inspiring conscious consumption of products that will last the test of time. And guess what? It's RISK FREE 60-Days!  Learn more about it all here.


Bottom line...take care of you! 




Rachel Joyce
Rachel Joyce

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